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We strive to run on time so you won’t be kept waiting, and we ask you to kindly arrive for your appointments on time as well. We understand that you are busy, and your time is valuable to us. Dr. Rogers only deviates from his schedule in the event of dental emergencies that need to be taken care of immediately. When that happens, we don’t want any of our patients to wait in pain, so we see cases requiring urgent dental care promptly.

Once we have decided on a treatment plan and worked out the financial arrangements, we will do everything we can to proceed with your dental treatment on a schedule that works for you. Please call at least two business days in advance for changed appointments. We do our best to work with you when scheduling convenient appointment times for your visits to our office.

Financial Arrangements

All Ages Welcome

A healthy mouth is important for a healthy body, no matter what age you are. Just like how our experienced team is here to provide oral healthcare across a range of comprehensive services, we are also happy to do it across a range of ages. Young or old, all are welcome to receive quality dental care at our friendly neighborhood practice.

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For your convenience, you can make payments to Laurens Dentistry online. If you have any questions about your balance or treatment costs, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

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